Project: Enemy - Motion Graphic
The Challenge:
Tasked with using dynamic typography, transitions, and audio to create a motion graphic using a found audio clip to expand upon typographic skills through the activation of the compositional space on screen.
Imagine Dragons
and JID
This was my first “big” project in After Effects. Because of this, I wanted to focus on exploring the software and trying a lot of different ideas. That mentality led me to my song choice of “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons and JID. The song has this break where it shifts performers into JID’s rap section which embodied this idea I had.

Rather than starting with a storyboard I decided to break the piece up by the vocals and large downbeats of the song and try to create a new effect in each. My choices for each section varied from just exploring the effects panel and adjusting their settings to watching tutorials online to frame by framing reference pieces that I really liked and trying to emulate what they did. Overall, I really wanted to learn a lot and to have fun in the process while still producing a killer result.
When it came to choosing type I wanted something that exuded confidence while having a charismatic feeling about it. The rest of this song is by Imagine Dragons so I decided that finding type similar to their iconic font would fit my criteria.

The variety of colors for each section reflect the feeling and colors of a being at a concert. The whole piece began to form around this idea of capturing the energy and attitude of letting loose at a concert. On the right are a few color references I used throughout this project.
This is my favorite frame/section of the entire piece.