Project: Protean Design Project - Senior Capstone
The Idea:
This project was created as my final senior capstone project in the graphic design program at the University of Utah. The TL;DR is that this project was to help explore my personal design style/philosophy. It’s about exploring every idea no matter how weird or bad. Just having fun in the process and finding that one idea that can be expanded upon into something awesome.

Through this project I wanted to explore the tools and techniques I use in design and expand that “toolkit”, whether that be through unconventional objects or just becoming more proficient with the software and methods I already use.

You can view the whole project on its website or explore the “final solution” below.

Capstone Website

Created in Blender using “bfont regular” these letters explore color, form, and texture. Currently there are three of each letter and number, but this is still a ongoing part of the project as I expand into more glyphs and textures.

Tutorial that inspired this part of the project.

Primary Logo:
I wanted the logo to be dynamic and bring about the sense of breaking out of the box. I ended up generating these cubes that have this almost explosive glitchyness about them to push that idea. This system allows for many variations while still keeping the brand identity recognizable.

As an ongoing part of this project, I’m working on converting these letters into a usable typeface called Protean Sans. So far there are six fonts.