Project: Vivid Navigation - Signage and Wayfinding 

Through this project I reimagined the wayfinding and signage around the University of Utah.
I created a 3D Tactile Map that students, faculty, and vistors could use as a starting point to find their way around campus. The system incorporates color, texture, and location to help people identify where they need to go in an exciting and colorful form.

Colors and textures relating to the lifestyle of living an outdoor lifestyle in Utah were created to tie the system together.
Textures: Snow - Mountains - Sandstone
Colors: Powder - Forest - Hematite - Sunrise

Sunrise is used exculsively for bike paths
Signposts around campus point people in the direction of the texture and color of the area they’re looking for.

Buildings have large murals denoting the texture and color on multiple sides to make it easy to see where you need to go from afar and navigate around campus.

The system extends to more than permanent wayfinding and signage including things like banners, posters, and events. Pylons denoting bike paths also help inform people where they should ride or avoid.