Project: Ring, Ring - Installation

Talk to strangers, begin conversations, feel connected. That is the goal of ring, ring! Not knowing who’s on the other line allows for a lot more freedom to take the conversation in any direction. We are currently living through a pandemic and being isolated from human contact with an ever increasing grasp of technology and the internet. This project seeks to break down those barriers that we put up by creating a space for people to talk with strangers again and feel more rooted in their communities.

Collaborated with:

Elli Cunanan / Mallory Lesko / Avaree Vowell

We chose a color pallete focused around orange and yellow. We wanted a comfortable cozy feeling while still being distinct and easy recognizable. Our colors are reminiscent of a warm fire, a common setting where people gather around and talk.

When someone enters a booth they have a few options. If the phone is ringing that means someone is waiting to talk. If no one is there or picking up they can leave a message for the next person or listen to someone else’s message.
Booth renders were created in blender and photoshop to get idea of how the booth would look in its actual environment.

An led sign above the door also displays whether someone is waiting on the line or the booth is occupied.

Promotional material was created to be used across a variety of media. Since we wanted a more physical connection between people we opted for a limited digital presence in favor of more physical artifacts including, mailers, posters, and instagram.